3 Ways To Make Sure Your Home Is Kept Warm This Winter

11012281_sIf you and your family enjoy spending time in the outdoors during the cold weather months, coming home to a home that is warm and toasty is essential.

Days spent outdoors snowshoeing, skiing, or tubing down the local snow hill are all fun ways to spend time together. But, when you get home you want to be warm and able to defrost from the winter cold.

In some homes, there are rooms that are always much cooler than other places in the home. This is a problem specifically in homes where each room is slept in by a member of the household, making it essential that the cold rooms be heated.

The solution is typically to increase the temperature on the thermostat but, that usually means that someone is sweating hot throughout the night. Instead, follow these tips for keeping the cold rooms in your home warm:

  • Add some humidity. For those bedrooms in your home that are consistently colder than the rest, consider adding a humidifier. These simple appliances add warm mist to the air, which increases the temperature of the room. For some people, this moist heat is more suited to their body constitution than the dry heat of the furnace.
  • Create a zone. If your heating system is equipped with registers in each room, create a plan each night before you go to bed to close those registers in the areas of the home that do not need to be heated all night. For instance, the register in the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms could be closed during the time that you and your family are sleeping. This will cause the heat to move to the open registers in the bedrooms.
  • Schedule an inspection. While a cold room in your home is not a definitive sign that your heater or furnace is on the fritz, it is a symptom worth investigating. Schedule a routine maintenance inspection of your heating system to have any malfunctions fixed before they escalate.

It is especially important that the evening hours in your home are warm. This is the time when all family members are at home and when it is time to go to sleep, being warm is a big part of getting some good rest. Follow these tips for ensuring that your home is evenly heated at all of the times of the day.