Winkler Electrical picWhen Winkler Air Conditioning Services opened in 1969, we made a commitment to provide our Cleveland clients with expert cooling and heating services couple with professional and courteous support. Not only have we reached this goal, we have exceeded it. Our team is proud to have earned a solid reputation for operating with integrity and reliability. Your heating and cooling units are complex systems with many moving parts that all have to be working optimally in order to complete the task that you expect of them. These appliances are 100% responsible for controlling the climate inside of your home or office – that’s a big job! The team at Winkler Air Conditioning Services understands the intricacies of these systems and how important it is for them to be working at their best. We will take the time to understand the troubles you are having and provide you with expert support.

For nearly 50 years our team has been committed to listening and learning about the needs of our clients. When we are at your location for an installation, repair, or maintenance check, it is not uncommon for there to be an electrical need as part of the project. Because we are dedicated to the requirements of our clients, each of our technicians is also trained and certified in some electrical components. This ensures that your project can be completed thoroughly and timely without interruption.

Some aspects of electrical repair and replacement that our technicians provide support for are:

  1. Service Panels – Updating your heating or cooling systems often requires and update of your service panel as well. Many times a new system will required higher voltage than your current panel offers and trying to run an updated system on an outdated panel will lead to a lack of energy-efficiency, not to mention significant fire hazards. Talk with your Winkler technician about what kind of power needs your new system will require and how that will impact your current service panel.
  2. Lightning Arresters – These devices are often referred to as surge protectors and are made to protect your electrical system and appliances from significant damaged in the case of a lightning strike. They protect the insulation of your electrical system so that it cannot conduct the electricity caused by lightning strikes. Most homes now days have several televisions, computers, and other home electronics and having Winkler install a whole-home surge protector is a perfect way to protect the significant investment of all of these electronics
  3. Circuit Repairs – Sometimes when your air conditioner or furnace is not working the first place to check for a failure is the circuits for the system. When your Winkler technician checks your system circuits, if one is identified as being the cause of the breakdown, he can easily and expertly replace the circuit to ensure that your system is back working properly as quickly as possible.
  4. Grounding Rod – The electricity that is produced when lightning strikes needs a place to go, and will create a path through anything it can. Sometimes, this path moves through homes, equipment, buildings, and electronics causing significant and permanent damage that costs thousands to repair. Winkler Air Conditioning can install grounding rods, which will conduct the electricity from the lighting strike and redirect away from valuables protecting you from the expense and hassle of repairs and replacements.

Having Winkler Air Conditioning Services assigned to your heating and cooling needs means that regardless of any issues that come up during an installation, repair, or maintenance visit our expert technicians can address and keep the project moving forward. You can count on us to arrive at your business or home on time and we will bring with us the training and the tools to complete your job thoroughly and correctly – the first time. For more than 40 years we have been dedicated to delivering courteous support and highly-skilled service.