Winkler AC picThe goal at Winkler Air Conditioning Services has always been to provide exceptional air conditioning services and complete customer satisfaction. For more than 40 years our team of outstanding and highly-trained technicians have been dedicated to this goal and have earned a solid reputation for delivering honest and reliable service. The home and business owners of Dahlonega have come to know Winkler as a business operating with integrity and dedication. When the summertime heats up in Georgia, having a properly working air conditioner is key. You can trust the team at Winker Air Conditioning Services to keep your home or business cool!

At Winkler, we know how important it is to have choices, which is why we support a wide variety of air conditioner makes and models. Our team has a broad amount of knowledge on all types of units and can address any concerns or questions that you have.

Whether you are trying to decide on which new unit you should have installed or the unit that you have needs maintenance or repair, our skilled technicians are here for you.

Air Conditioning Installation

During the peak usage months you can expect your air conditioner to use ½ of the total amount of your home’s power per month. Meaning, when you look at your power bill for the month, half of the total bill is from using your air conditioner. At Winkler, we have support all types of makes and models of air conditioning units from those that are highly energy efficient to the standard models. We understand how important the decision is to choose a new air conditioning unit that you are going to be happy with, after all, with proper maintenance you can expect to have your air conditioning unit for more than seven years. Our team can first help to match you up with an air conditioning unit that best fits your needs and priorities, and then, we can thoroughly and expertly install it for you. From start to finish the team at Winkler will help you through the process, ensuring that you feel confident in your choice and you have an optimally working system for years to come.

Air Conditioning Repair Services

Basically, your air conditioner’s job is to make hot air cold. While it sounds like this is an easy process, there are actually quite a few pieces that need to work together for this to happen. First, there are pipes inside of your air conditioning unit that are called evaporator coils. These coils are filled with a special liquid called refrigerant, which keeps the evaporator coils cold. The hot air from your home is blown over the evaporator coils, causing it to cool, and then the cold air is blown back out into the room. Refrigerant comes in various forms and the EPA regulates the use fairly closely. In fact, some refrigerant requires that a technician have a special certification to handle it. All of the technicians on the team at Winkler are certified by the EPA to handle any type of refrigerant and have the skills to provide repair services to a wide variety of systems.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Your air conditioner is a big investment and can add value to your house and save money on your utility bill. It makes sense that you would want to do everything you could to protect this investment. The best step you can take to make sure you get the most out of your air conditioning unit is to have regularly scheduled maintenance checks. If just one part of your system is not working properly, it can impact the overall performance and thus the efficiency. The team at Winkler is dedicated to helping you protect this vital appliance and will provide a thorough and professional maintenance check of your unit.

The professional and highly-skilled team at Winker Air Conditioning Services has more than 40 years of experience providing repair, maintenance, and installation services in the Dahlonega area. We have the knowledge and the experience to expertly and thoroughly address any air conditioning needs that you have. Our team is dedicate to providing cutting-edge service and 100% customer satisfaction.