Winkler Electrical picIn 1969 Winkler Air Conditioning Services opened and has been providing complete heating and air conditioning services to the residents and business owners of Dahlonega ever since. We have proudly earned a strong reputation for giving our clients professional and reliable support. In your home or office are intricate heating and cooling systems that fully control the environment that you work or live in. They have many parts and pieces inside that need to be working optimally and cohesively in order to maintain energy-efficiency power. These systems have a lot of responsibility and should only be handled by professional and trained technicians.

During our more than 40 years in business, Winkler Air Conditioning Services has been dedicated to knowing and understanding our clients’ priorities and needs, and it is our sincere goal to exceed the expectations of our customers. It is not uncommon for there to be a need for electrical intervention during the installation or repair of a heating or cooling system. Unless you are working with Winkler Air Conditioning Services, where all of the technicians are also certified and trained in electrical applications, your project might be stalled until an electrician can be called in.

Some areas of electrical that our team can handle include:

  • Service Panels – When you upgrade your cooling or heating system it is common that your existing electrical service panel will no longer manage the voltage that the new system requires. Keeping a service panel that is insufficient can lead to fire hazards. Thankfully, the team at Winkler Air Conditioning Service has the expertise to update or completely replace your panel if necessary, ensuring that your new system does not pose any threat to you or your family.
  • Lightning Arresters – These devices are also called surge protectors and are designed to prevent a large surge of electricity, such as from a lightning strike, from moving through your electrical system and damaging your electronics. Items such as computers and televisions can sustain permanent damage if a surge protector is not in place and cost you a lot of money in replacements.
  • Circuit Repairs – If you are experiencing a breakdown in your cooling or heating system, your Winkler Air Conditioning repair technician might first check that all of the circuits are good and working properly. If they find that one or more are not working, they have the expertise and the training to repair the issue and get your system back up and running.
  • Grounding Rod – When lightning strikes, the electricity produced will seek out conductor material and follow it. Sometimes this path is through buildings, homes, equipment, and electronics causing thousands of dollars in damage. Having grounding rods installed prevent this from happening by conducting and redirecting the electrical voltage away from items of value.

When you work with Winkler Air Conditioning Services you can trust that no matter what needs arises during a visit for repair, installation, or maintenance – our highly-trained technicians can handle it and keep the job on schedule. Our team will come to your home or business in a timely manner and will bring with us the equipment and experience needed to get your job done correctly and without mistake. Our courteous technicians are dedicated to providing each of our customers with professional support and cutting edge service.