Winkler FurnaceWhile Georgia doesn’t experience the same freezing temperatures that some other states do during the winter months, the temperature will drop down into the 40s and having a reliable and energy-efficient heating source is crucial.

Most United States homes have a furnace that is used for heat. Out of those that do, fifty percent of them use natural gas as fuel for the furnace, while another eight percent use some other kind of fuel like oil or propane. The technicians at Winkler Air Conditioning Services have the knowledge and the training to provide top-notch maintenance, installation, and repair services regardless of what fuel source your furnace uses. We have helped the business owners and residents of Dahlonega with all aspects of furnace support for nearly 50 years and have earned a solid reputation for being reliable and trustworthy.

Furnace Installation Services:

A new furnace installation is complex process that should always be performed by a professional. There are many different aspects to having a properly working furnace and it all begins with professional and proper installation. The technician must consider things like which direction to have the furnace facing in order to keep unblocked airflow out of the ducts, and where in the home to install the system based on the climate of the region where it is being installed. At Winkler Air Conditioning Services our technicians have over 40 years of training and experience installing a variety of brands and models of furnaces and can expertly handle your install.

Furnace Repair Services:

There are hundreds of symptoms and reasons for your furnace to not be working properly. Some are more common that others:

  1. Turns on and off too often – check the air filter, blower motor, or thermostat
  2. No heat – check the thermostat, pilot light, or a circuit breaker or fuse
  3. Not enough heat – check the air filter, burners, or air flow

Basically your heater burns a fuel source using a flame and that heat is what makes the cold air that is brought into the system hot. This explanation is very general when in fact, each piece of your furnace must be working properly for any of this to happen. Regardless of what your furnace repair is, or has been caused by, the highly-trained technicians at Winkler Air Conditioning can locate the issue and repair it.

Furnace Maintenance Services:

A new furnace can be an expensive home improvement project. It is important to make sure this investment is protected for years to come, ensuring you get the benefits and return that you expect. The best way to ensure the longevity of your furnace is to have regular maintenance checks of the system. Your furnace has a flame inside that is perpetually burning a fuel source, this can be a dangerous situation if your system is not properly and regularly maintained. When the expert technicians from Winkler Air Conditioning Services come to your location perform a maintenance check we will inspect all aspects of your system and check to make sure it is not emitting dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. The time and money invested into regular maintenance checks is far less than that of needing a whole new system because of a complete breakdown in the unit.

At Winkler Air Conditioning Services we are proud to have delivered exceptional furnace repair, installation, and maintenance service since 1969. In Dahlonega the business and home owners have come to know the Winkler name for being honest and reliable. Our technicians are courteous and clean and maintain a high-level of training and skill in a variety of furnace types, models and makes. Whether you need guidance deciding which furnace to have installed, or you need to establish a maintenance schedule for your existing unit – Winkler Air Conditioning Services can help!