Winkler AC picWhen Winkler Air Conditioning Services opened in 1969, we set out to provide only the best air conditioning support to the home and business owners of Dawsonville. During the past 45 years we have made good on that goal and have become the most called air conditioning contractor in our area! When the Georgia summer heats up, you want your air conditioner to be in top condition and no one will do that better than Winkler Air Conditioning Services, LLC.

Our team of highly-trained technicians have the skills and the tools to address a wide variety of air conditioning needs in the areas of installation, maintenance, and repair. We have a vast amount knowledge on a wide variety of models and brands, ensuring that any questions or concerns that you have – we can manage.

Whether you need a brand new unit installed and just don’t know where to start, or you have a system that you are happy with and want to keep the maintenance scheduled, the team at Winkler can help!


Air Conditioning Installation

During the hot weather season your air conditioner will use one-half of the total monthly power usage for your home. That means that when you get your utility bill each month, you can attribute half of that total dollar amount to air conditioner usage. And, most units, if maintained consistently, will last for more than seven years. With that kind of impact, it is important that when you make the choice on which air conditioning unit to have installed, you are happy with that choice. The team at Winkler supports a wide variety of brands and models, and our technicians have the training and knowledge on each of them. First, we will listen to the priorities that you have for your new air conditioning unit, and we will help you decide which system will best fit your needs. Then, we will expertly install your new unit ensuring that you have an optimally working system on day one.

Air Conditioning Repair Services

Essentially, your air conditioner is responsible for making hot air cold. While it seems like this would be a simple process, there are a lot of things that have to work together to make this happen. For instance, there are coils inside of your air conditioner called evaporator coils that are full of refrigerant, which keeps them cold. Hot air is then blown over the coils and cooled and the cooled air is then blown into your house. In some models of air conditioner the coils are filled with special refrigerant that the EPA closely regulates and requires special certification be held by all technicians who work on these units. At Winkler Air Conditioning Services all of our technicians carry the certification as mandated by the EPA and have the skills and the training to provide repair services to all types of air conditioning units.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

To best ensure the life of your air conditioning unit you must have regularly schedule maintenance checks performed. Your air conditioner is an intricate system of processes that all must work together in order for the system to be as energy-efficient as possible, otherwise you may see a rise in your utility bill. A new air conditioning system can be quite an investment and, with proper maintenance, will last more than seven years. The team at Winkler understands the importance of protecting your investment and has the training and the knowledge to provide maintenance to all types of makes and models of air conditioning units. Our courteous and professional technician will make sure that your unit is free from debris and corrosion and that all parts are working properly.

Working with Winkler for your air conditioning needs means working with the best in the business. For more than 40 years we have been dedicated to providing each of our clients with exceptional air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance and 100% customer satisfaction.