Winkler Electrical picSince 1969 the Winkler Air Conditioning Services team has proudly delivered thorough air conditioning and heating services to the business owners and residents of Dawsonville. We are pleased to have earned a solid reputation for providing reliable and professional support to our clients. The air conditioning and heating systems in your office or home are complicated and the tasks they are responsible for are important to you and the people you share space with. In fact, these appliances are in charge of controlling the climate that you live and work in.

Over the more than 40 years that we have been in business, Winkler Air Conditioning Services has worked hard to learn the priorities of our customers. We work hard to not only meet their expectations but to exceed them. Many times, there are electrical elements to a heating or air conditioning project and, unless the technician has electrical experience, the entire project will stall until an electrician can be called. When you work with Winkler Air Conditioning Services you can rest assured that each of our technicians have experience and training in a broad range of electrical needs.

Some aspects of electrical services that we can provide help for are:

  • Service Panels – It is common that when a new heating or cooling system is installed the current service panel may not be complete enough to support the new voltage requirements. Outdated electrical service panels pose an increased risk for safety and fire hazards. Having your panel updated or completely replaced will help with energy efficiency and reduce hazard risks.
  • Lightning Arresters – You may know these better as surge protectors, these devices are configured to protect the insulation of your electrical system and prevent it from conducting electricity from a power surge such as lightning. Items like computers and televisions can be permanently damaged by lightning strikes if a buffer is not in place.
  • Circuit Repairs – If your heating or air conditioning system has failed, one of the first steps that the technician will take is to check the electrical circuits. If it turns out that one of the circuits is bad and is the cause for the outage, your Winkler Air Conditioning Services technician can expertly repair it and get your system working again.
  • Grounding Rod – Grounding rods are buried underground and are designed to capture and redirect the electricity from a lightning strike. If grounding rods are not installed, the electrical current will make its own path through equipment and buildings causing significant damage.

Working with Winkler Air Conditioning Services means trusting that regardless of what the need is during a maintenance, repair, or installation visit – our team can manage it. You can count on us to come to your location with the necessary certification, training, and tools to get the job done right the first time. You will find our dedicated technicians to be professional and courteous while ensuring that you receive the utmost of customer support and service.