Winkler Electrical picFor more than 40 years the team at Winkler Air Conditioning Services has provided comprehensive heating and air conditioning support to the residents and business owners of Gainesville. We are proud to have earned a strong reputation for being professional and reliable. The heating and air conditioning equipment in your home or office is complex and responsible for very important tasks. After all, these are the appliances that control the environment within which you are living or working.

During our years in business we have listened to our customers and learned about what their needs are. At Winkler Air Conditioning Services it is important to us that we are able to not only meet the expectations of our customers but, exceed them. Often times, there are electrical components of air conditioning and heating jobs and it is important that the progress of these jobs doesn’t stall when these electrical needs arise. This is why all of our heating and air conditioning technicians are trained and skilled in a wide variety of electrical projects.

Some of the areas of electrical support that the team at Winkler Air Conditioning can help with include:

  • Service Panels – When you have a new furnace, heating system, or air conditioner installed this often requires an upgrade or replacement of your electrical panel. This will allow for replacing outdated electrical service, or adding more circuits. Outdated circuit panels can cause fire and safety hazards, and in some cases can prevent you from renewing your homeowner’s insurance.
  • Lightning Arresters – Also referred to as surge protectors, these devices are meant to protect the insulation and conductors of your electrical system from damage in case of a lightning strike. Electronics like televisions, computers, and entertainment systems are especially at risk for permanent damage if lightning strikes and an arrester or protector is not in place.
  • Circuit Repairs – Occasionally, when your air conditioner or heating system is not working properly, the cause can be narrowed down to a bad circuit. At Winkler Air Conditioning Services our technicians can professionally identify if a bad circuit is causing your system breakdown, and with expert electrical training, can repair it.
  • Grounding Rod – Grounding rods are meant to stabilize and redirect the voltage from a lightning strike. Without grounding rods, the current will find a path through buildings and equipment and can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

When you work with Winkler Air Conditioning Services, you can rest assured that any need that comes up during our repair, maintenance, or installation visit – our team can handle. We will always arrive at your location with the right tools, training, and certification to thoroughly complete the job. Our technicians are courteous and professional and we are dedicated to making sure that each one of our clients receives exceptional customer service and support.