Winkler Furnace PicHaving a reliable and cost-effective heating source is important during the winter months in Georgia. While the temperatures are relatively mild and don’t compare to the freezing temperatures that some of our neighbors to the North experience, it is still important to be budget conscious and to be able to trust your chosen heating source to work when you need it.

In Georgia, many homes are heated using furnaces. Of all of the homes in the United States that use furnaces 50% of them are powered by natural gas and 8% are powered by oil or other fuel sources. At Winkler Air Conditioning Services our team has been providing exceptional furnace repair, maintenance, and installation to Gainesville residents and business owners for nearly 50 years. We have learned that our customers want to be treated with respect and to receive honest and reliable service. Our team is dedicated to not only meeting this expectation, but exceeding it.

Furnace Installation Services:

The installation of a new furnace is complex and requires consideration of several factors. Everything from the location in the home that the furnace will be installed based on the climate of the region the home is in, to the direction that the furnace will be facing when install to allow for proper ventilation through the return duct. This is an intricate process and should only be done by a professional. Some manufacturers will only honor the warranty on your system providing it has been professionally installed.   At Winkler Air Conditioning Services our highly-trained technicians have installed hundreds of furnace systems and have the experience and the skills to make the process as seamless and undisruptive as possible.

Furnace Repair Services:

The basic operation of a furnace is to take in cold air, clean the air through a filter, heat the air up using natural gas or another fuel source, and blow the air throughout the home or office. This seems like a pretty simple process, however, inside the furnace are several different parts and if any one of them is not working the entire system may breakdown:

  • No heat – this could be caused by a malfunction with the thermostat, pilot light, or a circuit breaker or fuse
  • Not enough heat – this could be caused by a malfunction with the air filter, burners, or air flow
  • Turns on and off too often – the could be caused by a malfunction with the air filter, blower motor, or thermostat

Regardless of what has caused your need for furnace repair, the team at Winkler has the skills and the knowledge to identify the problem and fix it. We will arrive at your location with the right tools for the job and will repair your system with as little disruption to your daily activities as possible.

Furnace Maintenance Services:

Having a furnace in your home as your chosen heating method means that you are burning a combustible material such as gas, oil, or propane using a flame. This process alone illustrates the importance of regular maintenance checks. When a fuel source is burned for heat there are by-products released into the air that need to be monitored. Having regular maintenance checks of your furnace can help to keep your system working efficiently, prevent higher power bills, reduce the risk of dangerous situations, and increase the amount of time that you have your furnace.

The team at Winkler Air Conditioning Services is dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional service and support. Since 1969 we have served the Gainesville area with honesty and integrity. We have earned a solid reputation as a reliable and honesty company to work with who delivers cutting edge installation, repair, and maintenance services for a wide variety of furnace models and makes.