Winkler heating picSince 1969 the experts at Winkler Air Conditioning Services has been providing Gainesville home and business owners with exceptional installation, repair, and maintenance support for a variety of heating systems. Discovering that your heating system needs maintenance or repair during a cold winter evening is a stressful experience.

The team at Winkler Air Conditioning Services is dedicated to making sure that each of our clients can rely on their heating system to do its job – when they need it!

We know that each of our clients has a choice when it comes to the type of heating system they use. Which is why we have acquired the training and knowledge necessary to service a wide variety of makes, models, and types of heating sources.

Whether you have a boiler, a furnace, or a heat pump, our team can help you with any issue that you are dealing with.

Heating Installation Services

When the temperatures start to drop outside, the heater goes on and the power bill goes up. In fact, almost 45 percent of your monthly power bill can be attributed to your heating source. That is a significant portion of your budget and warrants really taking a looking at how well your heating source fits your priorities and needs. If you are thinking about having a new heating system installed, here are some considerations to think about:

  1. Efficiency – the more efficient the system the more long-term savings you will get
  2. Climate – a major heating system is not as necessary in Georgia as it would be somewhere that has a more severe winter climate
  3. Fuel – natural gas is the easiest to access and cheapest option for Georgia residents
  4. Size – Always choose a heating source that is the right size for your space and occupancy

While each of these considerations are important, they can also make the decision more difficult or complex. Talk with the experts at Winkler to help narrow down which heating system might work best for you. We are dedicated to helping our clients with all types of heating questions and concerns. And, once you have picked your new heating system, we will expertly install it talking all of the worry out of the process.

Heating Repair Services 

Inside of your heating system there are a variety of parts and pieces that all have to be working 100% in order to get optimal performance and efficiency from your system. Because your system is pretty complex, there are all sorts of reasons why it might breakdown. However, some causes happen with more regularity:

  1. Improper Maintenance – regular maintenance checks catch small problems before they escalate
  2. Clogged Filters – filter full of debris and dirt block airflow and cause burnout
  3. Air Flow Problems – fans, bearings, or belts that are not working properly will prevent airflow and lead to burnout

Whether your heating breakdown has been caused by one of these, or something else, the experts at Winkler can identify the problem and provide the repair with care and precision. Our technicians are dedicated to providing our customers with courteous and timely service – and will work to fix the problem right the first time. You can trust Winkler Air Conditioning Services for reliable and honest service.

Heating Maintenance Services

Having a new heating system installed is quite an investment and one that you want to make sure pays off in the long run. The best way to get the most from your purchase is to have consistent maintenance checks performed on your system. When our highly-trained technician comes to your location for a maintenance check of your heating system we will inspect all aspects of your system and make sure that nothing is corroded or full of debris, that fans and belts are working, and that everything is in top working order. Having these regular maintenance visits will help to can small problems before they escalate into big problems that can lead to expensive and disruptive repairs or replacements.